Touching Up Minor Scratches

Minor scratches and marks on your vehicle can be an eyesore for you but they can also lead to permanent damage through rusting. We feel that it is important for drivers to be well informed in the care of their vehicle.

Removing these scratches is a fairly simple process that one can do at home for very little cost. Start by getting the proper paint by looking up your vehicle's factory color code to ensure it is an exact match. Once you have the paint, clean up the scratch and prep the area by using 220-grit sandpaper. If bare metal is visible in the scratch, apply a primer first and allow it to dry before proceeding to touch up with the paint. Once you've applied the paint, let your vehicle sit for 24 hours to give the new paint time to cure and become protective.

We at Valenti Used Car Super Store are also more than happy to take care of any of these scratches and marks for you when you bring your vehicle down to the dealership. Just call and set up an appointment for your regular vehicle service and we can get those taken care of at the same time.

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