We have a goal to help drivers and those around them stay safe. Driving during the winter in Mystic, CT can be dangerous if you're not prepared, so let us help at Valenti Used Car Super Store with our winter driving tips.

Keep cold-weather items in your car in case you get stranded. Useful items include food, water, a flashlight, blankets, batteries, and medical supplies. If you can, stay home during harsh winter weather, but if you do have to drive, then be sure to allow more room between you and the vehicle ahead. Avoid using cruise control on slippery surfaces, and don't warm up your vehicle in an enclosed area.

If your car gets stuck in the snow, then stay in your car. Your vehicle offers temporary shelter, and it's easier for emergency services to locate you if you're in your vehicle. It's also helpful if you only run the engine long enough to keep the temperature warm in the cabin, which will conserve fuel.