When you're driving in the winter months, there are a few issues that could occur that you might not expect. Make sure your headlights work as well as your hazard lights. In the event that you're stranded on the road in Mystic, CT, other drivers will need to be able to see you. You'll also need to clearly be able to see the road if you're driving through snow.

The battery in your car should be charged as well as the alternator. Colder temperatures can sometimes cause the battery and electrical components to struggle a bit more than they do when temperatures are warmer. If you notice any decrease in power while you're driving or if your headlights appear to dim while on the road, you can have someone at Valenti Used Car Super Store check the voltage to determine if you need a new battery.

Although you might think that coolant should be used only in the summer months to keep your radiator cool, it should also be kept in the system in the winter. You don't want to use water in the radiator as it can freeze if temperatures get low enough.