At Valenti Used Car Super Store in Mystic, CT, one of our goals is to help our customers understand their vehicles. An auto-dimming rearview mirror is a technology that can help keep you safe when you're driving. Read on to discover how an auto-dimming mirror works.

When you're driving at night, the glare from a vehicle's headlights behind you can hinder your vision, which is known as the Troxler Effect. This can delay a driver's reaction time by up to 1.4 seconds. A vehicle that's moving at 60 mph will travel more than 120 feet in 1.4 seconds. An auto-dimming mirror reduces glare by darkening the mirror via electrochromism.

Typically, auto-dimming mirrors have two sensors that work with a microprocessor and transmit the correct charge to the mirror with an electrochromic gel. The gel will go through oxidation-reduction reactions, which causes it to darken from its transparent state. The gel is housed between the two layers of glass that make up the mirror.

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