Practice Safe Driving On Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner. The ghosts and the goblins are ready to come out for trick-or-treat. On Halloween night, there will be many children out having a great time of fun. Valenti Used Car Super Store in Mystic, CT wants you to make sure that you are driving safely when the children are out.

One of the main ways to practice safe driving on Halloween is to slow down. If you are driving at a lower rate of speed, you will have more time to react. If a child should run out in front of your car, you will have time to hit the brake and come to a stop.

You need to be watching all around on Halloween night. There will be many children walking on the side of the road. Some may be in black or dark costumes making them harder to see. If you are backing up, be very cautious. Always be on the lookout for trick-or-treaters.

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