What You Can Expect From All-Season Tires

All-season tires are actually quite popular. There is plenty of reason behind their popularity. One of the reasons is that they promise great performance and reasonable treading all year. However, there are some disadvantages that come with the all-season tires that the winter tires can take care of for the driver.

All-season tires do offer a quiet ride, but they are not the best when it comes to extreme conditions. While you can handle the wet road, all-season tires will only provide enough for areas that do not get extremely cold in the winter. For those that live in icy and snowy areas, you would have a better experience with winter tires.

For the icy roads as well as snowy roads, the winter tires are great for maintaining traction so that you do not lose control of your vehicle. The rubber remains flexible in cold weather for traction.

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