Making A Basic Kit A Car Emergency

You might think that an emergency kit for your car won't be needed, but there could be times when you are stuck on the side of the road. When you make a kit for your car, you need to add items for each season, such as blankets for the winter or coolant for the summer. Items can be kept in a simple container in your trunk for when they are needed.

A basic kit for traveling in Mystic, CT can include a spare tire, a jack, and jumper cables. You should also include a small tool kit that includes basic items like a screwdriver or a wrench. Valenti Pre-Owned Super Store can check the jumper cables and other components to ensure that they charge properly and that they are sufficient for your car.

Other items that you might want to include are water bottles and an extra change of clothing. Paper maps are an option to consider as well in case you're unable to charge your phone and you get lost.

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