Invest in a Car Cover

Valenti Used Car Super Store believes you can benefit from a car cover whether or not you park in a garage at home. Car covers are manufactured to fit practically any truck, SUV, or car. If your car is your baby, consider the benefits of investing in a good car cover.

You know how bad the sun's UV rays are for your skin, but did you know those same rays can damage your car's paint and cause rubber to crack. The sun's rays can also damage the leather interior or fade fabric seating. Even when the sun is not shining, you have to worry about excessive rain or snow damaging your car. Bird droppings have an acidic value that can damage your paint, not to mention how something as simple as pollen can quickly turn a fresh car wash into a marred mess. Animals, such as cats and squirrels, like to climb. Their claws are super sharp and can damage the finish.

A good car cover can travel with you to work, camping, to the ballpark, or on those long family trips where you are not likely to find a garage to park in. Take the time to cover your vehicle to keep it looking like new.

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