Start Off-Roading with a Few Tips

At Valenti Used Car Super Store, we’re often asked about off-roading. Many people want to get started with off-roading trails in Mystic. We’re here to offer some ideas to help you prepare your vehicle and stay safe.

First, you will want to take a good look at your vehicle. It might be necessary to upgrade the suspension or get a lift kit. You might also want to consider body armor, bumpers, and bigger tires. Depending on the trails you plan on going on, adding a winch to the front can also be a good idea.

When you go out on trails, as a beginner or an expert, you will want to go out as a group. More people means more people to help when you get stuck. Additionally, you can learn about more trails and avoid getting lost. You should invest in some recovery gear and an air compressor, too.

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