Using a Roof Rack on Your Car

Have you seen people with everything from luggage to bikes to surfboards secured on top of a car? You may wonder how things remain in place. Someone who knows how to use a roof rack properly reveals the answer. "Properly" is the key word here. Only those who know how to secure items safely should use a roof rack.

Sizing up the cargo bags or boxes becomes a priority. The bags/boxes must be the right size for the rack. Drivers shouldn't unsafely overstuff the contents of the bags or boxes either. Also, don't put too few items in the bag/box as you don't want any "flapping" when the vehicle hits a high speed.

Read instructions entirely before touching a roof rack. And ask for loading help if the job is too much for you.

Owners should learn as much as they can about roof racks to use them safely and effectively. And feel free to service rack and other issues at Valenti Used Car Super Store in Mystic, CT.

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