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In low-traction conditions, four-wheel drive exists to help drivers get more grip and maintain good control over their vehicles. You might need to use this function when covering slick, icy terrain, crossing over mud, or powering your way up a steep hill. Great for Mystic, CT drivers who love going off-road, it is also the perfect feature for anyone who needs a rugged, reliable, all-weather vehicle. At Valenti Used Car Super Store, we want locals to have a keen understanding of what four-wheel drive is, and of how best to use it.

Vehicles that have All-Wheel Drive (AWD) systems do not require any special input. These systems will support the drive train irrespective of the conditions, or the terrain that's being covered. Conversely, 4H or high-range four-wheel drive is meant for use on packed sand and mud, loose gravel, and icy streets. More importantly, it's meant to be used when operating vehicles at normal speeds.

4L or low-range four-wheel drive should only be used at speeds of 40 mph or below. This is the setting that you want when traveling off-road. It's also perfect when trying to make your way through loose banks of snow. To find out more about four-wheel-drive functionality or to test-drive our latest four-wheel-drive vehicles, visit us at Valenti Used Car Super Store today.

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