Car Care Tips by Valenti Used Car Super Store: The Importance of Keeping Your Car Washed

Mystic, CT drivers can protect the trade-in value of their vehicles by keeping them in good condition. Washing your car on a routine basis will extend its lifespan and keep it looking nice. Below you can find out how often your car needs to be washed.

You can probably wash your car about once or twice each month if you keep it parked in a garage most of the time. If you're near the coast or beach, the salty air can make your car prone to rust, so protect it from damage by washing it once or twice each month. It's suggested to wash your car once a week if you have long commutes or live where there's excessive rain or sun.

Did you know that a clean car improves fuel efficiency by 10%? This is because dirty cars have more drag than clean cars. A clean car also keeps your protective coat free of dirt that can lead to scratches.

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