Tailgating essentials: Do I need an RV?

The leaves are changing, pumpkins adorn farmer’s fields, and the crisp scents of Autumn permeate the air. Seasonal changes only apply to some areas of the country, but there is one fall tradition that applies to all 50 states: tailgating. Should a person rent an RV to tailgate or will their car be enough?

An RV allows for more comfort and more cooking options than merely a car, but a car is more fuel efficient. The additional cooking options in an RV may be good for some foods, although they are not good for the grilled foods tailgaters prefer. Grilled foods and tailgating go together. Unless someone wants a fancy dinner, renting an RV to go see a local football game is not necessary. Tailgaters just need to go find a grill and pick up some charcoal.

Fancy foods are not necessary for tailgating, and they are not always welcome. No one is going to a quiet wine tasting. College football games are loud. Bring some snacks, some protein, and the willingness to cheer on your favorite team. Nothing else is required.



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