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    Application of inductive switch in smart home
    Time:2017-08-30    Source:    Views:776
    Induction switch based on infrared technology automatic control products, high sensitivity, reliability, widely used in various types of automatic induction electrical equipment. It is an integral part of the smart home system. The main function of this switch is to turn on the lights automatically and delay them automatically. The utility model can load a light bulb, an exhaust fan and an exhaust fan. The sensor surface using hard lens, not easy to crush.
    Functional characteristics:
    1. fully automatic induction: when a person enters its sensing range, it outputs high level. When the person leaves the sensing range, it automatically delays the closing of the high electron and outputs the lower level.
    2., photosensitive control (optional. Factory set at the end): photosensitive control can be set, during the day or when the light is not induction.
    3. repeatable trigger: induction output high level, the delay time period, if the body is in its sensing range, the output will always maintain a high level, until the people left after the delay will be the high level to low level (each activity induction module detects human body will be automatically postponed to the next a delay time, and delay starting point to the last active time).
    4. with the induction time blocked: (default: no blocking time): induction module in each output after induction (high level to low level), can be followed by setting a blocked period, the sensor in this time do not accept any induction signal. This function can achieve the interval between "induced output time" and "blocking time", and can be applied to interval detection products. At the same time, this function can effectively suppress various kinds of disturbances generated during load switching. (this time can be set at a few tenths of a second - tens of seconds.).
    System description:
    Fully automatic induction to the light, people from the lights out. No load voltage is reached on the instant of loading. Automatic metering: application of photosensitive control, when the light is strong, not induction (also adjustable).
    Scheme applies:
    Bathroom, warehouse, corridor, corridor, basement, garage lighting, power supply control. An automatic control contactless electronic switch based on infrared technology. When someone enters the switch sensing range, the special sensor detects the change of the infrared spectrum of the human body, and the switch automatically switches on the load. After the switch is switched on, the person does not leave the sensing range and is active, and the load can continue to work. (adjustable in any light): (about 16 seconds, 400 seconds): manual / automatic control (press the button switch, always on load: when people leave, the switch automatically closes the load in the automatic induction state): people from the lights out, cordial and convenient, safe and energy-saving, is ideal for high grade buildings and the hotel.
    The installation work only need to replace the ordinary switch to the original complete use of the existing switch and module will not increase or prolong the time of any construction, fire exits are widely used in various building stairways, basement, Restroom, corridor and other places. Infrared induction switch can be used to control all kinds of lamps and electrical control equipment, such as output, connected with buzzer, can be used as an alarm, connected with the lighting, can be used for automatic lighting, connected to the electric fan, automatic blowing / ventilation, etc..
    Characteristic advantage analysis:
    Human body induction switch built-in pyroelectric infrared displacement sensor, when the detection range of some activities immediately turn on the lights, when people leave the detection range or stationary start time delay, after half a minute off half a minute: if someone is moving, it will re timing, postponed after half a minute to turn off the lights.
    The scope of application of intelligent Home Furnishing involved is very broad, is closely related with our life and the development of intelligent Home Furnishing will be with the market demand, subtle, step by step, more fully into our life. Smart home is the biggest feature of networking, all systems and functions can be directly connected, common use, both simple and fast, but also reduce costs. In addition, in order to meet the personalized needs of families, the system functions of smart home can be freely combined to meet the needs of different families.
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